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For over 20 years I spent all my time growing my craft as a Chef in New Orleans. Working with some of the finest Chefs in the industry I honed my craft and gained knowledge from a variety of styles that have become the melting pot that New Orleans is known for. After all those years of creating and grinding, I realized I wanted to be with my family and my newborn child. As I supported them through every holiday, birthday and event, year after year, they supported me in my career and my passion. But as time passed by, I realized it was time for a change. As much as I loved the chaos, the grind, the pressure, and the creativity of culinary arts, I love my family more after spending so...

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Lower Ninth Ward

As its name implies, the Lower 9th Ward sits lower or down from the rest of New Orleans. This neighborhood became nationally famous after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, but equal attention should be paid to the rebuilding efforts in this area! Local volunteers led by Brad Pitt rebuilt...

Lower Ninth Ward

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